Cbd Myths

We love our plants and the oHHo Community does too! Plants With Benefits’ Plant People not only share our passion for having a green thumb but also embody our mission to Live Life Well. While our In the Weeds section focuses on CBD uses, CBD myths, dosing and more, Plant People interviews friends of oHHo as well as the many people who have helped bring oHHo to life. We dig into our Plant People’s wellness rituals, inspirations, life philosophies and their oHHo moments. 

We have deemed Green Piece founder, Maryah Green, “The Ultimate Plant Bae” and for good reason. Green has extended her passion for plants into a career as a plant designer who matches beautiful greenery to the beautiful places in which they can exist such as in apartments and in storefronts. In our interview with Maryah titled, The Ultimate Plant Bae, she tells us all about where her passion for plants originated from, memories that make her smile and what plant she thinks she would be and why.

Our Plant People inspire us to spend every day doing what we love and loving what we do. We hope they can motivate you to do the same and find moments that bring you a sense of happiness, completeness and contentment (a.k.a your oHHo Moment). Shop oHHo to experience high quality, full spectrum CBD from terrains all across the U.S. If you are curious to learn the basics of CBD uses and learn the truth behind CBD myths, check out our In the Weeds section for everything you need to know about our hero plant, cannabis.