All you need to know about CBD uses, facts and tips for staying sane

Get In the Weeds with us! Here on In the Weeds, we teach you the ABCs of CBD by debunking the top CBD myths and giving insight into CBD uses and dosing. We also provide tips on how to manage all the stress brought about by the chaotic state of the world we are currently living in. 

In the Weeds is all about education. The cannabis and CBD industries have grown exponentially in the past few years with the rise of the wellness movement. Cannabis has long had an association with being illegal, having intense psychoactive effects and tons of other stereotypes that don’t always accurately reflect the full scope of the plant’s use. Aside from classic, recreational cannabis, CBD has its own world of questions and confusion and In the Weeds is here to set the record straight. Want to know more? Read our article “ Top 5 Myths Surrounding CBD”.

So now you know some CBD basics but you may still be wondering: How on earth do I take it? Do I smoke it? Eat it? oHHo believes in the power of full spectrum CBD oil tinctures and taking oHHo is as easy as putting a few drops on your tongue. At the same time, everyone responds differently and dosing can be an intimidating challenge to CBD newbies. Our dosage guide, Dosing 101, will help you decide what CBD dose is best for you.

The world is a chaotic place at the moment. It’s important that we all take a moment to care for and check in with ourselves every now and then. oHHo is here for you and in our articles The Importance of Stress Awareness and Just Breathe, we offer you tips on staying zen and how to navigate stress one day at a time.

Stay up to date with In the Weeds for your weekly dose of CBD education. The CBD industry is ever changing and there will always be something new to explore. Don’t forget to shop oHHo to experience all CBD uses for yourself. Also, check out Plant People to read interviews with members of the oHHo Community who inspire us to Live Life Well.