Our newfound appreciation for Nature during quarantine.

We can’t even begin to explain the magic, integrality, and beauty that is Mother Earth. As human beings, much less a CBD company that derives all of our ingredients straight from the source—unchanged & untainted—nothing we do would be possible without her help. The irony of celebrating such an outdoor-centric holiday during a worldwide quarantine isn’t lost on us, but we thought what better way to commemorate than tapping into the psyche of the lovely, colorful oHHo community—read below! 

The most beautiful moments in life have always been with us, we’re just awful at noticing them. Expanding our awareness in order to connect with nature and our planet’s tiniest creatures is one of the most healing and inspiring gifts we can give ourselves. Walk like a fox, open your ears like deer and use your eyes like owls. You’ll be grateful you did.” — Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells

“I …. A Universe of Atoms , an Atom in the Universe”, by Lyz Olko

“The biggest revelation I’ve had through this global pandemic is how important and grateful I am for movement. Whether that be walking outside to get a cup of coffee, sitting on a bench in the park watching people, enjoying a drink with a friend or even cooking dinner for a group of people. The smaller interactions in different environments with strangers and people I love has been the hardest part of quarantine. It’s not about the distance, but the mobility of shared experiences.  That’s something I would like to practice more when we are able to enter back into the real world; the ability to enjoy the little moments that can sometimes feel fleeting.” — Olivia Williams

“I’ve reconnected with a lot of people from back home in Texas during this time and honestly interacting with them makes me feel more of who I am—life feels more full when you feel connected to people. Understand that your existence here is transient. Respect the universe and it will respect you. Give to the universe and it will give to others—it’s all a free flowing mass. We’re only as good as what we put it. Withdrawal or taking without giving is just a bad look.” James Khubiar

“My wish is that we all remember the silver linings to this moment in time—the clear skies, the birdsong, the view of the Himalayas, the fresh air and the slow moment that allowed us all to reconsider and reconnect. As David Hockney reminds us, “They Can’t Cancel Spring.” Tiffanie Darke of Harrods


During quarantine, I’ve been lucky enough to stay in the mountains and near the ocean. I’ve spent many hours gazing at each landscape in all its glory. I think in order to honor and preserve the world we’ve been given, it’s important to understand their function—not only as the environment we live in but also how it allows our psyche to expand and stabilize when everything else in our world appears to be falling apart.” — Ani Schroeter

I’ve been in exile. This is the first time in nearly 20 years that I haven’t watched my favorite magnolia on Morton St. burst forth and christen the season with its unholy pinks. Spring is the best time of the year on the bench outside my favorite coffee place, Joe. My friend will often stop by with her kids, who will climb on me and knock things over and reduce the risk of having to share the bench with strangers to zero. The well-clipped NYU kids on the well-kempt patches of grass in Washington Square. A drink in a coffee mug on a walk to the pier. The hit of fennel in my butcher’s Italian sausages. Dean Martin wrestling leggy vikings on a small screen at Julius’. Cacio Pepe. A proper martini. Marie’s. Gene’s. These are the small things, but together they make a life, and as small as it seems, and as it is, that’s what I’ve learned to keep close.” John Ortved of The New York Times

“Cooking every meal at home, one realizes how much food waste occurs. I have spent my quarantine in Sunny LA and having so much bountiful nature and food around constantly is humbling and awe inspiring. I’ve started composting and it’s astounding how much natural food products people throw in the BLACK bin…what comes from the earth should naturally go back into it help grow more!” Katie Mock

During the past month, I’ve made more effort to hit new hiking spots. Even in 2020 there is still so much unspoiled nature out there, we should all make time to experience it.” — Dave Ackerman

Earth Bowl

1 cup chopped Dino kale
1/2 cup Korean multi grain rice with rainbow quinoa
1 small beet sliced into match sticks
1 small golden beet sliced into match sticks
1/4 avocado
1/2 cup shredded purple cabbage
2 small carrots sliced by mandolin
2 green onions

Add your favorite dressing & enjoy! — Jessica Tong

“Since the pandemic we have cycled 7 miles to UPS every day to ship our deliveries to our oHHo customers. Our lessons? Cycle more, freewheel downhill, breathe in nature, and be good to Mother.” — Nic & James, oHHo Founders

by mosswoman

“I think I’ve found a lot of peace realizing that there was no other way to survive this than rolling with the punches. We simply must. I miss bumping into strangers, I miss hugging my friends, I miss dancing in a sweaty room not thinking twice. I quite honestly miss everything about my world pre-COVID19, who doesn’t? No one saw this coming, and no one quite realized what they had until it was gone because who knew that it ever would be. Who knew it was a privilege to go outside and live your life like a normal person? I certainly didn’t but now that we’ve all been forced to stop it’s been interesting to face ourselves without all of these distractions around us. It’s a telling time in everyone’s lives and everyone’s priorities and true selves are coming to light. It’s going to be a slow climb back to normalcy, and the normal will be new to us too. We can’t live without each other, though, so moving forward when we won’t be able to gather in the same way will force us to slow down, ease back into things, and live more intentional lives.

And about the universe…it certainly does not need us. We’ve robbed this planet. If we want to continue living on it the first thing we have to realize is that we are actually at the mercy of it. For a while I was feeling like life couldn’t possibly go on as it was. Humans think they can do it all, that they can fix all the damage that’s been done when they feel like it. To me, this feels like the first time in a while were humans realized they at the mercy of natural forces and we can’t just control everything to our liking and comfort. We needed to be taught a lesson. Unfortunately the world isn’t fair and some people suffer a lot less than others. In order to honor and preserve this planet and live harmoniously with it we need to realize how small we are and treat it with respect. Covid 19 doesn’t care about our summer plans. There are more important things at stake here.” — Manon Macasaet

“In quarantine, I find myself stuck with myself. I hate crowds, I hate feeling awkward, I hate. not being in my own heavily curated surroundings. But this is now all so different. Now I’m forced to be this way. There are no breaks. I can’t go to the coffee shop and sit for thirty minutes silently and pleasantly judging people to pass the time. I can’t go to the gym and use someone else’s work ethic for my own inspiration. I can’t escape to a bar randomly at midnight and see a few friends for what feels like an eternity, but in reality is only a few brief moments, and then once I’ve gotten what I need (fleeting social interaction) go back and disappear into my home. Those moments are really all I thought I needed, just sprinkled here and there throughout my week. Now I can’t do any of that and I’m realizing how skewed that view of myself was. I thought I was this solo squirrel, picking nuts and stashing berries, and I didn’t need anyone else. My forays into society were more for other people than for me. But now that I truly have myself and nothing but myself, I see how much I need others. I know when this is over I won’t take my friends and the people around me for granted. I miss people. I am not a solo squirrel.” — John McCallum

By Jasmine Bruce

Everyone should be taking this time to find new, healthier habits for both themselves & Mother Earth. It’s a delicate balance because we are benefiting tremendously from technology during this pandemic and credit is due to those that have made things like Facetime and Zoom possible. I personally have had time now to FaceTime my parents twice a week, and that’s pretty cool. With that said, in other ways resourcefulness has been key and instant gratification is a luxury we don’t often find anymore. Even the corner grocery store can be an anxiety ridden and lengthy process. When the world is ready to reopen, my hope is that people will be so ready and grateful to do simple things like visit their grandparents, attend social gatherings and travel again. If mankind can take its experience of savoring moments and being resourceful, we can make adjustments that will allow the Earth to continue to replenish and carry on as a much happier society. I have faith in humanity and the universe. I know that both will rise to the occasion.

The Universe will do its thing no matter what we do. The most important thing is to flow with her. That means respect, love & gratitude for your environment, life and the lives around you. Pick up that plastic on the ground, turn out the lights you don’t need, plant something and give back to your community. Don’t resist your path because you will make a difference that is important whether you know it or not. If everyone showed up 100% every day for the earth & their community with good intentions, we wouldn’t need to ask this question. We would already be in a perfect flawless wave of magic.— Abby Rader