Flying Coffee & Esteban Pasquale: Coffee is a Plant With Benefits!

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Meet the newest coolest craft coffee company on the block: Flying Coffee! As you know, we love to celebrate all different kinds of plants with benefits, not just the magical hemp plant.  So it was only a matter of time until we found a way to pair CBD with coffee!

We chatted with Esteban Pasquale, one of the founders of Flying Coffee, to get behind-the-scenes intel on what makes this coffee so special. Grown on a single farm in Sevilla Valle, Colombia, these beans have tasting notes of milk chocolate, orange, vanilla and honey. Are you drooling yet?

Trust us when we say – this is the best coffee we’ve ever tasted! But you don’t have to take our word for it for too long – pop into the Little Shop of oHHo to get a brew of your very own. A CBD latte anyone?

What inspired you to launch this company?

The whole idea started when James and I were talking about specialty coffee and how it’s so difficult to find good coffee outside of urban areas (like NYC). In that moment, we were also talking about cars, so we thought about installing an espresso machine on a Vespa Ape. This would give us the ability to be on the fly and serve coffee to different locations!

How is Flying Coffee special?

First a little bit of context – the coffee world is divided between commodity coffee and specialty coffee. The commodity coffee is the most common that you find in a grocery store, deli, hotels or donut places. This coffee mostly tastes harsh and bitter (burn). The biggest problem with commodity coffee is that the selling price doesn’t cover the production price.

On the other side of the coffee world, we have specialty coffee. These coffees can taste sweet, sour, bitter; coffee can taste like fruit or chocolate. This type of coffee is processed in small batches with all of the attention on the details.

Our brand stands on three different pillars:
  1. We want to give back to the communities that produce the coffee. For this we create direct relationships with the producers (direct trade) to understand their needs and evolve with them, paying a fair price for the coffee and getting the best product that we can find.
  2. We want to spread the message that there’s a different way to approach coffee beside the caffeine necessity. Coffee is a tasteful drink that can transform your day with a sensorial experience between what you taste, smell and feel. For that we want to change the perception that coffee is not just a drink that keeps you going. We want to show people what is behind every single coffee, from the hand picking cherries to the final beverage.
  3. We want to serve and sell the best coffee and coffee beans. This brings the first two pillars together and makes us different. Our coffee is single origin, single farm, and is roasted onsite. This means that we not only have a great quality, but we also have really fresh coffee. After the coffee is roasted and packed, it is sent straight to the US from Colombia!

What makes CBD an ideal pairing with coffee?

Coffee, just like a hemp plant, is a plant with benefits. Coffee helps with the vascular system, helps keep your brain focused and gives you that extra boost. CBD oil blends well with the coffee, especially with almond milk, to give coffee that extra special flavor.

Rumor has it you’re creating a special CBD coffee exclusively for oHHo…can we get a sneak peek at the recipe?

You are right! We’re working on a special CBD latte. The beverage starts as a double espresso, and we add almond milk and CBD oil. We are using the oHHo Colorado oil for this drink. The milk is the medium to get the oil to “stick” and it also brings up the sweet flavor of the coffee!

If you could only have one coffee beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Espresso. There is nothing like that sensorial moment when I am drinking one. The aroma, the taste, the texture and the aftertaste. Espresso is the beverage for me that when I am drinking it, I forget that there is a world outside!

How do you use CBD?

I take some oil in the afternoons – I love the Oregon oil!
The oHHo Oregon oil is made from independently farmed, single origin, USDA certified organic and sustainably farmed plants in the Willamette Valley. Prominent terpenes include limonene for uplift and myrcene for calm. Available for purchase at weareohho.com for $75!

When are you most in your flow state?

When I’m dealing in a new coffee, or when I am welding. Passion is my engine.