Hot Off the Press: oHHo in the News

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Culture | 0 comments

The legalization of cannabis is on the rise! Every day there’s press about the cannabis industry’s expansion. Most recently, New York legalized marijuana (a home court win). A delightful side effect is, interest in CBD is also growing. With its benefits in beauty, health and wellness, it comes as no surprise that CBD is currently one of the hottest topics in the press.

We at oHHo are proud to have been a media darling lately! Top outlets including Vanity Fair, Forges, New York Magazine, and Gotham are buzzing about our products, stores and collaborations. Read on to hear why the experts love oHHo:


“Founded by Nicola Stephenson last year, just before the pandemic took over, oHHo brings Stephenson’s passion for clean products from full spectrum CBD oils, repair balms, pre-rolls, to gummies. After learning that the 4/20 holiday is now also used to advocate against wrongful incarceration, Stephenson felt she needed to do more, and began donating to the Women’s Prison Association and working with their artist program.” Read more here.


“We think of cannabis like wine and cheese – where it’s grown and how it’s grown really matters and depending on the ‘terroir’ and the climate, the outcome will always be different. Additionally, oHHO works with independent family-run farms, supporting local economies.” Read more here.


“Best CBD pre-rolls and vapes. Flower has the highest level of bioavailability of any form of CBD, meaning that inhaling or smoking just a bit can give you the same effect as consuming more CBD in another form. Pre-rolled CBD joins offer the high that most people want – a super light, relaxed, euphoric feeling that passes relatively quickly and allows you to remain entirely functional. Her go-to pre-rolls from oHHo are the perfect way to wind down after work.” Read more here.


“Everything about oHHo, from the name to the new shop’s cottage-core aesthetic, is meant to welcome the world, from CBD enthusiasts to curious newbees. We just wanted something approachable and friendly.” Read more here.

To see the full range of oHHo in the news, please visit our dedicated press page through this link. And join us in the CBD movement!