From the Ground Up – A Celebration of Sustainability & Earth Month

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April is Earth month and as we plan our celebrations for Earth Day on April 22nd, we at Plants With Benefits and oHHo take stock in what it means to truly practice the art of sustainability. Because advancing towards environmental change takes far more than one day. It requires practice and commitment from the ground up, Earth month or not!

We aim to be thoughtful, authentic and transparent in all we create. From product to content to our partnerships, we try to take every angle into account. We know firsthand that sustainability is easy to say, but in many respects is hard to actually do, so we want everyone that reads this blog and experiences oHHo to trust in the fact that they are working with a company that has done the legwork towards making the planet a better place.

Without further ado, here’s a list of 10 things we focus on in our quest to sustainability. We hope this can inspire you to take action on your own, and to trust that we are bringing you the best CBD and practices that can be found.

How We Show Respect for People, the Process & the Planet

Mission Statement

“To bring sustainability, education and equity to the cannabis world.” We reference this statement at every point in our creation process and ask ourselves the necessary questions to keep our products in-line with our core values.

Member of 1% for the Planet

We vow to donate 1% of our annual sales to help fund environmental nonprofit organizations that take initiative all over the world.

Small Crops & Small Farms

By committing to working with smaller farming entities, we find a more human and less industrial process.  Each plant is individually nurtured and the environment is cared for, at every step. They’ve showed us that so much comes down to the soil – as above, so below!  This article titled inside the Soil will take you right back to 8th grade biology and highlight our soil obsession.


The oHHo Oils each have unique and sustainable farming methods:

  • New York Oil – sustainably and organically grown in Hoosick Falls using biodegradable plastic alternatives, free range chicken poop and a lot of love
  • Colorado Oil – sustainably cultivated and organically grown in the pristine region of Steamboat. Artisanal farming methods include willow tip teas to fight off pests
  • Oregon Oil – family-farmed using pioneering organic hemp farming methods, our Oregon oil is USDA certified organic and sustainably farmed in the Willamette Valley
  • Vermont Oil – made from a blend of hand cultivated, organically and sustainably grown cannabis plants from the rolling meadows of Lilac Ride in VT. We took a trip to visit the farm’s owner Dennis Kulesza during the harvest in October and saw firsthand the love and care he puts into each plant

Everything but the dropper is sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable. And trust us, as soon as we can source a sustainable dropper, we will use it!

WPA Partnership

We believe sustainability extends beyond the soil and the environment – it also relates to the people on this planet. oHHo is committed to an equitable future and supports reform and social justice for those who have been disproportionately affected by prohibition.

We have partnered with the WPA to create limited edition art pieces on our packaging. oHHo will donate a percentage of proceeds of all sales of these oils with the goal of raising $20,000 for the WPA. Learn more here and if you’d like to help, you can purchase here.


Our products all come with a Certificate of Analysis that shows a breakdown of the ingredients in all. COAs are not yet widely practiced in the CBD world, but we are committed to transparency!

MCT Oils

Our oils are all infused in organic, ketone rich MCT oil, derived from sustainable coconuts.

Sustainable Benefits of Hemp

Hemp in many ways is a miracle plant. It is one of the most versatile crops around to tackle key environmental challenges, including land contamination and carbon capture. Cannabis cleans contaminated soil through bioremediation and improves soil structure and nutrient levels. Cannabis will save the world!

oHHo Values

We didn’t join this industry to make a quick buck. Every stage of our product development – from seed to bottle – is handled with diligence and a strong code of ethics. We invest in people, not things. This allows for a more human and less industrial farming process that pays utmost respect for the land. In short: we practice what we preach!