Celebrate 4/20 Today…and Every Day

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April might be our favorite month. Not only does it bring us spring weather, but it holds two of our top holidays: 4/20 and Earth Day! We can’t help but draw a connection between this celebration of our most cherished plant with benefits, hemp, and its relationship to the Earth and our environment. Last week we focused on Earth Day, so today we turn the spotlight to 4/20.

The recognition of 4/20 is ever-evolving. Some consider it Hemp Awareness and Advocacy Day, many call it National Weed Day, and others see this as a day to spark up a doobie and enjoy the high life.  No matter how you view it, 4/20 isn’t just for stoners and hippies. The wide world of hemp has countless positive uses – from fibers to textiles to paper and oils (and more!), hemp is a multi-hyphenate. We at Plants with Benefits and oHHo love it for the CBD it yields!

Before we dive into the benefits of hemp and how we celebrate 4/20 today, and every day, a brief history lesson on the 4/20 origin story:

A Brief History of 4/20

While the origins of 4/20 are hazy, our favorite version traces back to Steven Hager, a former editor of the news outlet High Times and a current hemp activist. Steven describes that this holiday came out of a ritual started by a group of high school students in the 1970s. This group of founding fathers, who called themselves The Waldos, sparked up every day at 4:20pm. The trend caught on, and 420 became an insider’s code for smoking weed. Eventually 420 was converted into 4/20 as a date format, and voila – a day of celebration was born.

Like any good legend, the origin story of 420 isn’t without controversy. A group called the Bebes claims they started it, others say it relates to the active chemicals in hemp, and some have stated that it relates to California penal code. But the Waldos are the ones with “hard evidence” of their creation of the term – and there’s a website to prove it. Take a deeper dive here!

The Waldo’s 420 flag is part of their extensive collection of proof that they invented the term.

How to Celebrate 4/20 Today…and Every Day

What does a celebration of 4/20 mean to us? It’s two-fold:

  • Raising awareness of the magical, medicinal hemp plant and its byproducts
  • Creating a platform for social justice and advocacy for those victimized by the legal system
The Many Benefits of Hemp

Products with hemp’s most popular extract – CBD – are popping up everywhere. You can find it in your morning coffee, beauty products, wellness tinctures, pain relief balms and more! There’s no surprise why this extract is so popular, as it fights inflammation, helps with sleep, aids relaxation and more.

How you consume CBD has an effect on how and when your body will absorb and react to it. A quick crash course is below:

But don’t just read about it…try it! We recommend:

A Word on Social Justice

As celebratory as today is, there’s a necessary element of social justice that must be addressed. As an organization that operates legally for profit, in hemp, it’s our responsibility to help those hurt by the system. For this reason, we partnered with the WPA to create special content and limited edition products, to support the organization as it aims to reform incarcerations of women and the prison system. And we have much more to come in 2021, so stay tuned!

What can you do? Enjoy CBD, follow the WPA on Instagram (help them get to 10k followers!), purchase a limited edition item, and stay focused on the positive reforms in the hemp space. And be sure to enjoy this wonderful day – happy 4/20 everyone!

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