oHHo x Elephant Journal – Cannasexuals know a better way

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oHHo x Elephant Journal: It seemed to happen overnight: the CBD gave cannabis a public makeover.

In reality, it took years. Years of behind-the-scenes campaigning and research and care for a controversial plant with much apparent healing potential, for both us and the planet.

THC’s less offensive younger sibling upgraded cannabis from marginal to mainstream.

Thanks to its non-intoxicating nature (it won’t get you high – read more here), CBD is the cannabis that need not confine us to the realms of spacey hippies and college dropouts. It’s cannabis we can go public with, even take home to meet Mom and Dad.

So, here we are in 2021, full steam ahead with appreciating the medical and wellness benefits of cannabis.

We casually carry bottles of CBD oil around in our handbags, use CBD lube to spice up date night, maybe even smoke THC-free hemp roll-ups to wind down in the evenings. CBD oils are the socially acceptable, risk-free “cannabis lite.”

CBD may have shifted cannabis from Rated R to a comfortable PG: Parental Guidance is Suggested—some material may not be suitable for children.

But it’s definitely got a sexy side. Here’s the scoop, via those in the know at oHHo, the cannabis wellness company.

Even after years of working with leaders in this space, they impressed the cannabinoids out of us when we spoke with them recently about the mission behind their organic CBD range. Read on for more on that. Skip to the good bits already, I hear you say.

Sexy Plants: Cannabis as an Aphrodisiac.

Cannasexual: anyone who deliberately combines sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure.

Those fringe-dwelling Cannasexuals told us so. And recent science confirms: if you use cannabis, you have more sex.

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