Sarah Lineberger—In Full Bloom

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Flowers are perhaps one of the worlds’ most universal languages. Whether they are used to mark the beginning of life or the end, romantic love or platonic, their symbolism and the sentiments they provoke is something that most everyone can understand the meaning of. We mostly think of these multiplicitous creatures as items that are exchanged interpersonally, but have you ever considered them as works of art in their own right? 

Meet Sarah Lineberger, Founder of Hand&Rose, a mobile flower truck and online flower marketplace offering funky fresh floral arrangements based out of LA. Inspired by her background in interior design , Lineberger creates conceptually captivating compositions, dosing a historical classic with a vibrant, modern and experimental twist. We were able to catch up behind the brainchild of Beyonce’s iconic floral pregnancy shoot to talk  self-exploration, #nofloralfoam, and pasta al limone—read more below.

If you were flower, which one would you be and why? 

That’s a hard question! My middle name is Daisy, most of my family calls me Daisy instead of Sarah, so I suppose by my parent’s doing I would be a daisy. I love Icelandic Poppies though, and I especially love Daffodils—the white ones with the coral cup center are very special.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

My mom would always say, “plan your work, and work your plan”, which I always thought was annoying but now I get it. Also, my husband said a long time ago, “money is a thing of convenience”, which is true and it takes a minute to understand. When you consider it, money doesn’t change anything but your ability to do things quicker.

Daily wellness ritual or mantra? 

I was always an avid yogi and would feel completely out of whack if I hadn’t done some stretching. Now with a new baby, I’m happy to get a few extra hours of sleep! Caffeine is always a ritual in the morning, but I think in terms of a mantra, finding gratitude first thing in the AM helps.

The three secret ingredients (visual, aesthetic, spiritual, etc..) to a banging floral arrangement? 

SEASONALITY! MECHANICS! VASE! First, always consider the season and what’s available. Hand & Rose focuses on local, seasonal product, so we aim to keep things changing based on what our local farmers bring to the market. Mechanics, because without knowledge of how to build an arrangement, the whole thing will fall apart! Are you using a frog, wire frame, taped vase, or floral foam—these things matter. Vase, since everything needs to fit and not look stuffed or forced, and because a vase will literally change the whole look of an arrangement if it doesn’t work in the space. Vases are a great way to add style and elevate an arrangement. 

One memory that instantly makes you smile? 

Anything involving my husband and daughter. I love watching them.

Construct an arrangement for oHHo taste profile and feel

I would make an arrangement of multicolored ranunculus and geranium leaves in a funky amber vase. Ranunculus because they have unexpected colors and beautiful texture, and geranium because of their terpene profile: geraniol—also found in lemons and roses.

Is there an aspect of your industry that you’d like to change or disrupt?

I thoroughly support the #nofloralfoam movement. I think it’s overdue and Oasis floral foam is super awful for the environment—it’s a carcinogen and just overall gross. I do use it periodically, but we are shifting into less and less as a company. I also work with local and seasonal product as much as possible to support local growers, which I think is much more important than nixing floral foam.

One thing a flower has the ability to do, communicate, and/or teach, that nothing else in the universe can? 

Oh boy—flowers have the ability to change moods, make people smile, make people wonder or stand in awe of the colors or size, they transform a space, they create and tap into memories. I especially love that everyone has a favorite flower, and even a flower that they dislike. Flowers are personal, they can convey emotion—love, happiness, sadness, gratitude, empathy. Flowers are always changing with season and have a short life once cut, so taking time to admire the energy put into a single bloom… from grower, to market, designer, and finally in your home… it is pretty amazing!

When life gives you lemons, you…

Make pasta al limone, because lemon + pasta is the key to life.

Is there a quality that you’ve learned about yourself through your craft and the journey it has taken you on? 

Absolutely! I’ve had the emotional journey of working for many companies and designers. I’ve proven my knowledge and skill through 15+ years in the industry. I’ve done high-profile work that I can’t even say I’ve done, so taking a backseat and not letting ego jump in the way. I’ve FAILED so many times, and I love learning from failure. Hand & Rose is my third business, and the first two showed different problems and failures, and I wouldn’t have the same drive if it wasn’t for wanting to do better than the last attempts. More importantly, I love flowers and I’m obsessed with being a better business owner…I’m very grateful to call this industry my own.