Maui Majesty—Dr Janine Holstein

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A Life Dedicated to Helping Others

Farmer, master gardener, therapist, university professor, licensed clinical social worker and doctor of clinical psychology—Dr. Janine Holstein has spent her whole adult life helping, connecting and growing with people. Using plants in conjunction with her therapy, Holstein was able to create a dream combination of botanical remedies with clinical research. 

After her mother passed away in 2010 from cancer, Janine has made it her life’s mission to find and utilize alternate ways of healing that are holistic, wholesome, and come from the earth. 

In 2019, Dr. Holstein was awarded a Hawaii state license to cultivate industrial hemp as part of a pilot program. Ever since, she has been a pioneer in the realm of therapeutic cannabis, working with a variety of strains cultivated both organically and sustainably. Janine is now the proud owner of Maui Majesty Farm of Hawaii, which boasts an extraordinarily rich and uniquely fertile landscape of hibiscus, Prosopis trees, pomegranate, mangoes & hemp—and the plants are loving it. We caught up with Janine to discuss everything from the healing power of Mother Earth to 2020. Read below. 

Tell us about Maui Majesty Farm, your history and the philosophy behind your work? 

One of my biggest passions is food as medicine and plant medicine. I have many personal experiences of healing through plants so I followed my dream and started Maui Majesty, a farm devoted to plants that heal. Our mission is all about food as medicine. PLANTS HEAL, and we make these healing properties available through infusing and pressing the plants grown on our farm. We never heat or add toxic solvents to our plant material, therefore ensuring only the purest most potent plant medicine available. 

The farm is located in the heart of Maui on the slopes of Haleakalā and covers approximately 24 acres of land. Our location is incredibly beautiful with bi-coastal ocean views. We are a non-toxic farm whose land has been in pasture for over 50 years, which makes the soil extremely fertile. We promote values of land stewardship, respect, and reverence for the land and for one another, as well as sustainability, both of the land, and of ourselves.

Our animals include rescue and retired horses, beautiful show quality bearded silkie chickens, rescue peacocks, and our family dog, Jackson. We are a no kill farm—no animals are harmed here, only treated with the utmost respect and kindness. 

What makes Maui Majesty Farm unique for cultivating hemp in terms of location, soil & appellation?

Being in a unique position on a volcano with salt-air all around, we have volcanic soil that also has some montmorillonite clay content. This creates a negative ionic charge in our soil that attracts nutrients for the plants. The fertility of the soil is even unique for Maui!

It’s harvest time, what does this mean to you?

Hawaii is always in growing season. There are some differences we need to account for—shorter daylight hours, slightly cooler temperatures, more rain in winter. As long as we understand the slight modifications we need to make, we are always growing beautiful plants. Harvest means Wwoof-ers (volunteers who come and help us) as well as lots of local community involvement, so I guess harvest means community to me.

What is the most challenging aspect of building a hemp farm from the ground up?

I don’t know, I’m having so much fun with it all. This is my life’s passion. I am a HUGE nerd at heart and every “challenge” is just another opportunity to learn and discover something we didn’t know before. It’s all really cool! We are having a blast!

How does a PHD in clinical psychology relate to hemp farming aspect of your life?

It’s all about healing, health, and living our best life! My professional mental health background alongside this more physical aspect of healing rounds out the complete picture of the hitting health and healing from all angles—physical, mental, emotional, it’s all connected. We cannot really separate or isolate one aspect without accounting for all aspects of the whole system.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

My mother told me in 7th grade that if I want to make friends, all I need to do is look someone in the eye, smile, and say “hi!”

2020 was the year you finally…

Stepped off the hamster wheel, got out of the rat race, stop to look around and breathed deeply, got to witness Mother Earth heal herself by shutting us up for a minute, and made my dreams come true.