Inside The Soil

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Wellness | 0 comments

You’ve heard of the food chain, so what’s the soil food web?

As above so below! Did you know that a “food chain” exists under ground as well? This sub-terra universe refers to the living part of the soil made up of earthworms, insects, and microscopic creatures such as fungi and bacteria.   

In the same manner as the gut biome, responsible for digesting our foods, the soil has its own biome which breaks down organic matter thus releasing nutrients that plants can absorb. When in balance, the different elements in the biome interact with one another and the surrounding plants to create abundant ecosystems. As you can imagine, healthy, nourished soil is the best foundation for healthy growth. When the soil has developed heartily, it is able to protect itself against disease, drought, flooding and pests.

Industrial farming and practices such as ploughing and pesticides destroys the delicate soil food web that nature so intentionally created, which results in (bingo) in diseased, infertile, and unhealthy plants. Modern farming methods have doubled down on these harmful farming practices, bringing the destruction to unsustainable levels. For instance, an ox ploughs with around 4 horsepower whereas modern tractors can plough over 400 horsepower….troubling, no?

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization we have just 60 years before the earth’s soil is depleted of its nutrients. But here’s the good news: soil can be restored in just a few months by adding organic biological material.

There is no need to use herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, which saves our farmers mad $$$. Yields are also higher as the plants are fed a constant supply of nutrients. Healthy soil is a key element to sequestering atmospheric carbon, reducing the effects of climate change. Additionally, insect, bird and wildlife populations increase and our food chain becomes balanced and strong.

Roots To Success

At oHHo we are proud to be partnering with considerate farmers who share our values of sustainability, ethicality, and quality. Approaching land as stewards rather than masters means following sustainable practices as a minimum prerequisite. The oHHo family go a step further through practicing regenerative farming practices that actually increase and reinvigorate the soil food web all the while yielding wonderful, potent, and efficacious crop. Our mission is to leave the earth better than how we found it.