I Am Dennis Kulesza

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A Labor of Love

“Like they say, it takes a village. We’re just trying to build a life for ourselves,” exclaimed Dennis Kulesza, owner of Green Mountain Grown, a small-scale hemp farm tucked snugly in the hills of Vermont. In 1999 Dennis bought a fifty acre farm that had been abandoned since the 1960s. The landscape—wild, thick & unbridled—had been abandoned since the 1960’s, and nature was happily doing its own thang. When you step onto the property today, you see that magnificent family dynamic of love and respect so lacking from the cultural infrastructure of today—you see fathers alongside daughters, life partners alongside friends, working together in pursuit of a common goal.

Dennis does not come from a farming background. Hailing from Boston, the 76 year old  actually works a full-time job as the owner of a historic restoration company out of Massachusettshis labor is purely a labor of love. Green Mountain is the culmination of countless hours, rigorous research, informational webinars, and a genuine desire to craft the purest flower out there.

“We didn’t know much about growing, we had to learn. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, well we’re old dogs.”

It is these very small-scale, community-oriented operations, these very hardworking individuals that hit the field at 6am and leave at 8, that bring oHHo to life. But should we tell you when can show you? Watch the video below to see the mindfulness that goes into every ounce of flower this farm creates, from field to friend.