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From Pharma to Farm

Popping a pill (or several) has long been the panacea for most all of our  ailments—everything from raging migraines to unrelenting cramps have been unconscionably swept into the same wave of pharmaceutical remedy. But have we ever stopped to think what’s actually in that tiny pill, how it is affecting our body? Well we’re here to offer some solutions.

Holistic medicine has a funky reppop-culture caricatures of particularly crunchy yogis with bizarre botanical suggestions certainly don’t work to normalize more natural and holistic approaches. Something must be said, however, about the fact that ancient medicines have been in use for thousands of years, long before labs and white coats came into the picture.

As a cannabis-based botanicals company, we are always on the quest for holistic wellness alternatives, especially in terms of exploring Mother Natures’ most versatile creation. Did you know there is over 2500o known uses for the hemp plant? Known being the operative word. With mindful sourcing, quality ingredients, and blending ancient wisdom with modern research, we will continue to explore the endless medicinal benefits of Mother Natures’ grooviest creation. But enough chit chat, let’s get into the good stuff…

From Pharma to Farm

For over 70 years we have been following a path of pharmaceutical solutions for our health. Using single-compound medicines to target acute needs has saved and prolonged life on a global scale, and while there is no doubt in the value pharmaceuticals have provided, we are here to shed some light on an ulterior wellness narrative. 

Amidst increasing healthcare costs, inadequate insurance provision, and the veil covering Big Pharma being lifted by the opioid crisis, a desire to change approaches has created a huge shift away from conventional solutions to botanical therapies—a shift also reflecting an increasing desire to approach our health in a holistic manner. In fact, over 50% of modern medicine is derived from botanicals, suggesting its efficacy in treating a wide variety of ailments!

Botanical compounds can be useful in supporting conditions where drugs do not always work or to avoid drug-related side effects such as gut issues or habituation. They can also be used to complement a prescribed pharmaceutical treatment or to lesson the side effects.

Cannabis is a medicine cabinet. Unlocking the cannabinoid treasure trove found in cannabis presents a new era in botanical medicine.

For numerous conditions, our lovely lady in green have actually proven safer and more effective than current standard treatments. Anything from skin trouble to anxiety, the list of CBD believers just keeps getting longer, and we ain’t mad about it!  The global adoption of medical cannabis programs highlights both the potential of cannabis therapies in replacing or supplementing pharmaceuticals and  the shift towards the power of plant medicine. Between the price and the laundry list of proven benefits, this plant can’t be beat. Here are but some of the ways cannabis therapeutics may replace Big Pharma!   


Remember Charlotte Figi, the little girl whose wellness journey went on to inspire the CBD movement? Besides being anti-seizure drugs for the treatment of epilepsy, CBD-derived anticonvulsants can also be used for pain management or as mood stabilizers in patients with bipolar disorders. Developed in the UK by GW pharmaceuticals, Epidiolex (a plant-based cannabinoid) is an effective treatment of Dravet’s syndrome epilepsy, a particularly aggressive form of epilepsy that often affects young children in an acutely debilitating way. 

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce inflammation or swelling, this results in a reduction of pain and the associated effects. CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory shown to inhibit the production of the pro-inflammatory proteins. The power of CBD is said to be equivalent to 800mg Ibuprofen, without the impact on the gut. THC yields 20x the anti-inflammatory power of aspirin. Cannabis therapy for arthritis is a key area of development.


Drugs used as antidepressants work by maintaining a healthy balance of chemicals in the brain. Studies have alternatively documented the success of cannabis-based products as natural mood stabilizers. A combination of THC and CBD is the perfect blend for many. CBD is scientifically proven to be a powerful stimulator of our serotonin and dopamine receptors, offering a non-intoxicating treatment for depression at around 25mg and above!

Opioids & Addiction

Opioids are derived from opium and widely used for pain alleviation. The current opioid crisis is a perfect reflection of the prioritization of profit over health. Although we have a need for this powerful analgesic medicine, the human propensity for addiction and the subsequent destruction that it causes cannot be overlooked. Oral formulations of medical cannabis are now being used as both an adjuvant (an ingredient that helps to create a stronger immune response) as well as means to combat opioid dependency. THC does present potential for dependency, although not nearly as acute as with opioids, whereas CBD presents none at all. Isn’t she just remarkable?

Anxiolytics & Benzodiazepines

Anxiolytics are a group of prescription medications used to relieve anxiety. These medications aren’t recommended for people with a traceable history of substance abuse or addiction. Unlike anxiolytics, CBD works to reduce anxiety or treat related conditions without the risks of toxicity or addiction.  Additionally, it affects the GABA receptors in our body, which works to increase its calming effect through the most natural means necessary. 

At Plants with Benefits, we serve to provide the clearest information and educational content so that you can make choices that are best for you. Mother Nature created botanicals for a reason, and we want to do our part in shining a light on the benefits of nature! Interested in  exploring the magic of CBD? Be sure to read more on what hemp has to offer here!