A Tale of Terroir

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Culture | 0 comments

We Keep It Real.

Searching far and wide for the very best plants and artisanal small-batch producers who share the same values as us is a full time job. In addition to the many unique strains, we believe a plant is receptive to its surrounding environment. Factors such as terrain, altitude, soil, the amount of exposure to the sun & when it’s picked all have a hand in the compound content, flavor & taste of the resulting product.

All our oils are extracted using the cleanest processes possible. As transparency is key, you can trace the origins of your product all the way back to the farm by scanning the Certificate of Analysis (COA). As Croptober continues, we’re excited to share some insight into where it all begins, into the secrets of the soil. The unique flavors and properties of oHHo’s CBD plants and products all start with Terroir:

A French term used to describe the complete natural environment in which a particular plant is cultivated (most commonly used in reference to wine), including factors such as the soil, topography and climate. To simplify, terroir is the unique combination of earth, air, water and soil that creates “the taste of the place.” Our oHHo team visited the Green Mountain Grown farm, owned and operated by one of our favorite growers Dennis Kulesza, to experience his Vermont terroir firsthand. The terroir of the Green Mountain Grown property is unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed.

A veritable paradise with golden sunshine, hidden meadows and ponds, breathtaking fall foliage, and the most delicious hemp plants we’ve ever smelled – there’s no surprise that the Suver Haze oHHo plants that Dennis grows have such a rich and strong flavor profile. Taste the earth with a special dash of spicy orange and enjoy a lifted but mellow afternoon with our premium CBD.

But don’t take our word for it, taste the terroir yourself with our oHHo Suver Haze Pre-Rolls!