Find Your oHHo

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Searching far and wide for the best plants and artisanal small-batch producers who share our values is a full time job. But we trust our process. 

We believe that plants are influenced by their surrounding environment. Soil, terrain, climate and harvest time all have a hand in the flavor, taste & compound content of the resulting product.

From each region comes a unique oil with distinctive properties and benefits. Our quest for the cleanest, most sustainable hemp has led us to two states with two distinctive oils varying in benefits, properties & taste profiles. We’re here to break them down for to help you find your oHHo!


When we think of New York, our mind instantly flashes to the hustle and bustle, the towering architecture, and the animated city streets. What do we think about over at oHHo, you might ask? The vibrant fields of the Hudson Valley. 

This powerful oil brings you the best of both world—sustainably sourced in the country and packed with all the nutrients to keep you calm, relaxed, and ready to take on the city. Derived from single-origin, hand-nurtured flower, this full-bodied oil is specially crafted to help you unwind & recharge after a long day’s work.

Tasting Notes – Woody, Hoppy, Sweet, Rose & Pine


Anyone else been dreaming of autumn leaves, warm soups, and sweater weather? We’ve got an itch for Fall, and there’s nothing better to bring the comfort than oHHo Colorado. 

Sustainably cultivated and uniquely sourced in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this ketone-rich CBD oil  specially crafted for the individual searching for a holistic approach to improving sleep quality and quelling anxiety!

Tasting Notes – Spicy, Floral, Woody, Pepper & Citrus


What do you get when you combine some of the richest soil with the most compassionate farmers? oHHo Oregon. Mindfully crafted on the coast of the Sunshine State, this versatile oil has everything you need to add a balanced and nutritious boost to your day! 

Boasting an extraordinary terpene range, you can taste delicious hints of pine, cinnamon, and hops in every drop. Whether you’re looking for that perfect night’s sleep or an all natural alternative for fending off those pesky coughs & colds, oHHo Oregon has got you covered.