Off The Grid In Montauk

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We’ve teamed up with The Surf Lodge to bring the beach to you this summer with a limited edition collaboration sure to kickstart the good vibes! Since we’re stationed in Montauk for the next couple weeks, we thought we’d share some of our favorite outdoor activities out East, because what’s summer without a healthy dose of nature!

Beach Days

When in the Hamptons, the first thing to do is hit the beach. Long Island is home to many, and you’ll find that the vibe changes slightly from shore to shore as you explore new towns. Montauk is one of the more laid back towns in the Hamptons. Their public beaches are known to swell in population during the hottest days of summer as day-trippers take the train out for that classic experience. This summer with the rise of COVID, visitors may be surprised to find it even more chill. When looking for the beach to spend your day, consider not only the village beaches, but the more remote hike-accessible beaches for a quieter experience. We recommend Ditch Plains for the ultimate experience: catch some waves or kick back on the shore, either way you’re in for some fun!

Lighthouse + State Park 

If you’ve seen a Montauk postcard, you’ve probably seen the lighthouse at Montauk Point State park, the oldest lighthouse in New York State. While the actual museum inside the lighthouse is closed due to the pandemic, the state park is still worth a visit. The property is laced with hiking trails, most of which are scenic, safe,  lead you past abandoned buildings from the notorious Camp Hero (if you’re into conspiracies, check out The Montauk Project!). Montauk Point is one of our favorite east side spots. On the western side of the island, we recommend Hither Hills, Camp Hero or Amsterdam Beach. Each park offers hikes, beach access, and beautiful camping space. 


The Walking Dunes are hidden at the end of a long, covert dirt road off of Montauk Highway. Although they may not look like much when you park, as you hike through the scrub brush and into the dunes, the sky opens up into one of the more beautiful spots on Long Island. Seriously, it looks like an alien planet out of Star Wars! The Dunes stretch as far as you can see to the East, to the North is the bay, and the whole area is ringed by pine forests. The trees that pop up in the dunes themselves are around 50 feet, but only around 6 actually see the light of day, the rest buried in the massive sandy dunesThere are a few outlined hikes around the area, but just freely traversing is just as rewarding.. 


As we mentioned earlier, Ditch Plains is the quintessential Long Island surf beach. In the summer, there can be up to 100 people in the water at the same time. While the break is pretty consistent, it’s best to rally early and beat the real crowds. If you’re looking for something more laid-back and isolated, there are dozens of beaches lining Montauk Highway. White Sands, for one, is typically pretty calm and has had a great break for a few years (especially in August!) The best tip for finding surf is simply to check cams! Everyday the ocean changes and you want to be adaptable to get the best surfing experience.

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