How To Roll That Perfect J

by | Jul 23, 2020 | best, Culture | 0 comments


Our mission is to bring you the cleanest, highest quality hemp on the market has led us not only to different places, but to different forms as well. No two people are the same—no two people have the exact same cannabis habits, so in light of this fact, we are proud to present our newest product, hemp flower & pre-rolls.

Sustainably soured in Saratoga Springs, New York, this rich flower offers a whole new way to experience CBD, because we want you to oHHo your way. Pair this with the iconic House of Puff rolling papers and you’ve got yourself a party. But first things first: for those of you who appreciate a more hands-on approach to cannabis and prefer the loose flower, a crash course in rolling that perfect J. Let’s get ready to roll, ladies & gents!

1.Gather your bits and bobs! 0.5g of ground oHHo flower, papers, roach material, lighter, ashtray. Lay your paper with the gum facing you at the top

2. Place you roach at the L or R end of the paper depending on which hand you write with…add your ground flower next to the roach

and now for the trickiest bit… 

3. Hold filled paper with both thumbs and forefingers. Start to gently roll your thumbs up and down so the flower becomes packed to the same width as your roach*

4. Gently roll up and tuck the edge of the paper behind the roach and the flower and moisten the gum line and continue to wrap the flower up nicely


5. Take a pokey thing and use it to pack the flower in fairly snug – Give it a twist!

6. Puff-puff-pass or enjoy the flower all to yourself!