Shake It Up, Mocktail Style!

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Culture | 0 comments

With all the extra idle time on our hands, we know that sometime the easiest way to pass the time and quell the boredom is enjoying an afternoon cocktail—or two! This week, we wanted to dive into alternative ways to relax and kick back..we are a CBD company, after all!

Feeling inspired to search for some alternative ways to keep calm and cool down this season? Bartender Ryan Barrentine has got you covered with three mocktails inspired by the unique terpene profiles of each of our three oils, NY, CO & OR. Check out his tutorials below to learn how add new CBD twists to your favorite summer classics!

oHHo Oregon— Smoky Tea Old Fashioned


3oz Black Tea & Lapsang Souchong Tea Concentrate

.75oz Rosemary Tea Syrup

Dose oHHo CBD Oil Oregon

Stir all ingredients, pour onto rocks, garnish rosemary sprig!

oHHo Colorado—Hibiscus Sour


2oz Hibiscus Drink

.75oz Lime

.75oz Agave Syrup

Dose of oHHo CBD Oil Colorado

1oz Aquafaba

Dry shake all ingredients, add ice and shake, pour into coupe glass, garnish lemon twist and oHHo CBD oil drops!

For hibiscus drink: steep hibiscus with clove, cinnamon, sliced orange, ginger

oHHo NEW YORK—Cucumber Rickey


5 Slices Cucumber

1oz Lime Juice

Pinch Salt

Dose of oHHo CBD Oil New York

Soda Water

Muddle cucumber with salt, lime juice and oHHo CBD oil, top soda, pour into collins glass, top with ice, garnish cucumber!