CBD & The Secret Language of Tarot

by | May 27, 2020 | Culture | 0 comments

We caught up with resident Astrologer Yarusha Jimenez to talk all things tarot, meditation & CBD! Read below.

How does tarot help you to connect with your subconscious? 

The tarot works with Archetypes that activate our subconscious through images and symbols. Psychologist Carl Jung was an expert at the tarot and often used it with his patients. He understood the connection between the tarot and our unconscious mind. The subconscious knows what we can’t “see”.  When we use the tarot we are actually picking up on events, hidden emotions and desires. For example, we may have a feeling that someone is not trustworthy but can’t quite put a finger on why. We may then intuitively choose cards that lead us to the answers and reveal the true integrity of the person’s character in question.

How can someone best use their newly obtained knowledge to achieve positive change in their lives? 

The best way to use newly obtained knowledge and a preview of upcoming energy revealed to you in a reading is to pay close attention to what is being communicated via the cards pulled. You may pull a tarot card that is showing you as being in a position of giving away your power. While this does not give a direct play by play into the future of the how – what this does give you is a tip to be vigilant.  While we cannot control the Universe and what happens in it; the control we do have is the ability to choose how to react to people, places and events in our lives. Sometimes the cards are just signaling as to what positive or conflicting energies may be coming our way. 


What are the laws of the Universe that you refer to when talking about the Arcana cards?


The Major Arcana are intended to trace the process of initiation leading to enlightenment. Each of the 22 cards represents a specific archetypal individual with distinct personality traits.  The archetypes are the “enforcers” of the laws.  Some of these include the Law of cause and effect. The law of polarity. The law of transformation. The law of attraction. The law of inspired action.


What is the difference between the major and minor arcana? 


The major arcana is made up of 22 cards. Each of the 22 cards represents a specific archetypal individual with distinct personality traits and events in our lives.  It is connected to major themes and can help us evolve. They are “looking at the big picture cards.”  I believe when we pull a major arcana card that it is our subconscious and higher self reaching out to get our attention. The major arcana always sets the tone for  a reading.

The minor arcana is made up of 56 cards. They show us our day to day experiences. The minor describes specific situations, people, and events manifesting on the physical realm. They represent how the card drawer personally experiences the world around them . 


How often do Major arcana cards come up for people you are reading for, and when you meet the person do you ever have an intuition of what themes will come up for them? 


Major Arcana cards come up almost all the time for most of the people I read for. I can’t remember the last time I read and someone did not pull at least one major. I am able to pick up the energy of a person and receive a message to understand more of their story and current inner conflicts during a session.  I am able to intuit when a client will pull a specific card or cards after I speak to them about what they are feeling and why.  This skill comes with practice and time.


I like the metaphor of “The Fool” representing a person at the first stage embarking on a new journey of learning.  It’s like a Spiritual Stages of Child Development Growth chart—Psychologist Jean Piaget notes a hallmark of the Pre-operational Stage in a child is the beginning of logical thought. The child is able to form stable concepts as well as mental reasoning and magical beliefs. Thinking is still egocentric—the child has difficulty taking the viewpoint of others. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the tarot mirrors a spiritual version of a scientific theory? 


That’s incredibly fascinating! There are actually therapists who use tarot in their psychotherapy sessions so it does not surprise me in the slightest.  I believe tarot is a spiritual and psychological tool. I do not think it’s a coincidence that the tarot mirrors a spiritual version of this scientific theory. I’ve had a number of clients tell me they felt like our session was like a therapy session, and it truly is.

What is your favorite time to use oHHo


My favorite time to use oHHo is before meditation and before I go to sleep. I find my meditations are deeper and more therapeutic.


How do you recommend using oHHo to tap into your unconscious mind? 


I recommend using oHHo to meditate on specific tarot cards. Meditate on cards you have pulled for yourself, or feel drawn to. Focus your eyes on the card and pay attention to how your physical body is feeling.  Take your time with the meditation and afterwards write in a journal and allow your thoughts to appear on paper as they enter your mind.  Let your subconscious communicate the messages you are meant to see.  oHHo really relaxes you and aids in opening up this direct connection with your subconscious.