Paul Schmidt – Riding the Wave

by | Mar 30, 2020 | People | 0 comments

When we think of buzzwords like calm, tranquility, meditation, more often than not our mind instantly screams yoga! Paul Schmidt has another activity in mind. A professional surfer, shaper, and owner of his own board shop, Paul Surf Board Co, Schmidt finds his happy hitting the waves down at Rockaway Beach. Between the dewy morning breeze, the gorgeous sunrise, and the contemplative hues of blue, he might be onto something….

What inspiration he takes from the ocean he releases in his workshop, crafting custom surfboards as original as they are simple. Often integrating natural elements such as flowers, Schmidt truly merges his passion for the great outdoors with a classic, retro feel. We got to chance to catch up with the surfer, read below.

How do you get into your zone? 

I usually need to be alone. Hitting the groove tends to occur when I’m well-rested and rolling off inspiration of boards which I’ve recently made, or someone else’s I’ve seen that really struck something in my imagination.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

The root of all mistakes is haste.

Your ultimate go-to feel good song?

“Ooo Baby Baby,” by Smokey Robinson.

How do you unwind? 

I actually find it quite hard to unwind sometimes, but I reckon the thing that works better than anything is a little bit of quiet and attentiveness. When I feel like that train is about to run off the tracks, I try to step back and take a look at where I am, feel my feet on the floor, hands on my chest, my breath. I can go from 60 to 0 fairly easily if I remember to check in and pay attention to the basic miracles occurring at any given moment.

When life gives you lemons you….

Make limeade.

What does happiness mean to you? How do you find your happy?

Happiness is appreciating what already is. It’s the same way I unwind, I suppose. I could whine about how things could be better, or how they were better when, but both of these are imagined realities that steal me away from engaging in my own. If I’m not engaged, I’m ghosting myself and everyone I care about.